Friday, January 24, 2014

“Work I am Most Proud Of”

        The piece I am most proud of is my Magazine Cover. This assignment incorporated all of my favorite and (in my opinion), some of the most important aspects of Graphic Design in one. These include: use of typography, page layout techniques, and many additional basic design principles. To begin, in reference to typography, I absolutely love the process of communicating not only directly through a given word but also through the style of the font used (in addition to size, shape, serif vs. sans serif, and many more). In terms of magazine design, this is very significant in communicating the general essence of the given magazine (ex. chic, classic, modern, etc.). It’s also important to vary use of fonts as long as the fonts flow well together and are compatible. Thus, I used three different fonts in my cover design that I think look well together and are in keeping with the “high-fashion” vibe I was trying to convey. Next, this assignment incorporated layout techniques. This is obviously a very basic element in all aspects of design. However, I find that the littlest movement of a word or image can truly make a huge difference. Come full circle, although very underrated, the composition and layout design were crucial in this assignment. Lastly, other design elements incorporated into this project include contrast, proximity, and repetition. These three design elements are key to design, as contrast creates emphasis and variation, proximity contributes to strong-composition and attention to detail, and repetition creates consistency and overall “flow.” 
        As you can see, I truly enjoyed this assignment because I gained a large amount of knowledge, and I was very happy with my final product. I am also very proud of this assignment because, due to my meticulous nature, I put much effort into creating a product that meets my personal standards and I feel as though that was able to come through! 

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