Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fonts have Feelings, too

• To continue to explore and learn tools in Photoshop, specifically, the text tool and it’s many options;
• To continue to use creative problem-solving skills to complete the assignment.

        For the “Fonts have feelings too” assignment, I feel like I deserve a 3.5-4. To begin, I met the standard requirements by creating twelve pairs of antonyms in two separate 8.5 x 11 documents, six pairs of words per page, and only using black and white. Through use of various photoshop tools, I feel that I was able to communicate the “feeling” of each word simply through the font, shape, size, style, and more. For example, two antonyms I used were “fat” and “thin.” To portray the meaning of “fat,” I used a very bold, rounded font. To portray the meaning of “thin,” I used a very light font and altered it so it was smaller and skinnier in width. Some of the tools I used in the assignment include the warp tool, the contour tool, the texture tool, and more. 
        In addition, I feel as though I deserve this grade due to my balanced use of positive of negative space, my utilization of the entire page, and my use of proximity between each word to create a certain effect or sense of movement. Altogether, I feel as though both of my designs demonstrate this score due to the accurate and creative representation of all words, correctly following the guidelines, and the consideration of the page’s layout as a whole.

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