Thursday, January 23, 2014

Positive & Negative Space Carved Pumpkins

• To use problem-solving skills and knowledge of positive and negative space to create a unique design on the surface of a pumpkin and with carving a pumpkin

This project was a blast! However, the process of this project was much more challenging than I expected. This is because there are many factors we considered from a designer's "point of view," as opposed to just hacking away at a pumpkin with a plastic carving tool. The design aspects we focused on were, most importantly, positive and negative space, proximity, overall layout/composition of the design, texture, and more. As you can see, the first pumpkin we carved was strictly a surface carving (similar to a "relief" sculpture). In terms of the second pumpkin, I incorporated both carving and surface-"engraving" to create interest and varied texture. Overall, I feel as though the surface-"engraving" technique was much more successful than the regular carving approach in this scenario. This is because it created distinct differentiation between the positive and negative space, enhancing the carving as a whole.

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