Thursday, January 23, 2014

Logo Designs

• To understand the process of logo design;
• To design a clear and effective logo for the chosen company scenario

        The name of our company is “Written in Black.” Our company sells/manufactures fashion graphic-tees. All of our shirts are white with designs in black ink, hence the name “Written in Black.” We believe that the chic, sophisticated simplicity of our designs is what makes our tees unique. Hopefully evident in our logo design, we tried to convey this concept. Lastly, the target audience for our product is teenage girls to young women (i.e. females in their teens and twenties).

        In designing our logo, we used all of the above process to create an effective design. First and foremost, when first brainstorming ideas, it's hard to avoid trying to convey what a given company does, such as just drawing a tee-shirt. However, after thinking more thoughtfully and creatively, we were able to come up with a versatile, clever logo that is unique but doesn't necessarily communicate what our company actually does. In beginning the design process, we primarily focused on what a logo need to embody to be effective. In doing this, we went over the ‘5 Principles of Effective Logo Design.’ We feel that our logo successfully incorporate all five of these characteristics. These five principles are that, to be effective, a logo must be: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. In terms of 'simple,' our design is black and white and understated yet unique. In regards to 'memorable,' the clever design of the pen writing out the name creates the ability for our logo to be impactful and distinctive. Regarding 'timeless,' our logo incorporates classiness through its simplicity. In terms of 'versatile,' our logo is in vector format, so it’s able to be scaled to any size. Lastly, in regard to 'appropriate,' because our target audience is females, the sophisticated and feminine design of our logo is very suitable for its intended purpose.
        In addition, as stated above, we focused on emphasizing the concept of simplicity in our logo through use of only black and white. This neutral color-scheme conveys balance and calmness. Finally, we strived to create a sophisticated, understated design. Through this, we believe that our logo largely conveys the essence and theme of our company, highlighting elegant and contemporary simplicity.

        I have learned many important concepts about logo design through the process of this assignment. In particular, three important concepts I have learned are: the power of simplicity in logo design, the importance of uniqueness and originality, and the significance of size and color in conveying the essence of a given company. To begin, simplicity can be extremely powerful in logo design. An overworked logo is an ineffective logo. This is because an overly complex logo is unable to be scaled to different sizes, to be easily remembered, to be easily understood, to be impactful, and many more. However, simplicity allows for timelessness, versatility, clarity, and countless more. Thus, simplicity is extremely important. This is not only the case in logo design but in any form of design that I will use in my future. For example, this could the include the design of a flyer, an invitation, a t-shirt, and many more.
        In addition, uniqueness and originality are incredibly significant in logo design. Obviously, creativeness is key in logo design. Art is a way of communicating. In regard to logos, this form of art communicates the essence and or theme of a given business. Thus, although maybe similar, no business is the same: all businesses have a special flair that is unique to them. Thus, individuality is extremely significant in a logo, as it should convey the character and personality of a business. This is the case not only in logo design but in life in general, as expressing oneself and uniqueness is extremely important. Overall, as you can see, ingenuity and originality are crucial in designing an effective logo.
        Lastly, size and color are two very important factors to consider when designing a logo. In terms of size, a logo should be effective in numerous different situations. For example, a single logo should be both readable and impactful on a business card, on a t-shirt, and even on a billboard. Thus, it should have the ability to be scaled to many different sizes. Finally, regarding color, the colors incorporated in a logo are important in conveying different emotions. For example, whether it’s red conveying excitement or green communicating growth, color plays a crucial role in a logo’s ability to convey a given message and should be carefully considered in logo design. This is true not only in logos, but also in other forms of art I will use in my future, such as the color in a bedroom or the colors incorporated in a painting, and many more.

        I think that our logo design deserves a 3.5-4 because we met all the needed criteria and strived to go beyond what was required. To begin, we began our process by brainstorming ideas on paper and sketching drawings of potential logos. We then reviewed our ideas and came up with our name, “Written in Black.” After getting feedback from our peers and teacher, we went back to our tablet and began to design our logo. This comprised of trying out our top ideas and seeing which we could best execute. After deciding what route we felt we wanted to go down, we created our logo on an 8” x 10” Photoshop document. In doing this, we utilized many different tools in order to create what we feel is a ‘professional-looking’ logo. In addition, in designing our logo, we strived to make a design that is unique and original to our company and conveys the overall essence of our business. To do this, we created our own feather pen and downloaded and used a font we feel is very compatible with our hand-drawn image. We also used only two colors, black and white, to convey simplicity and balance. Next, we also incorporated the name of our company as a part of our logo. Lastly, through transferring our Photoshop document into Illustrator then back to Photoshop, we turned our logo into a vector so it has the ability to be scaled to any size without getting pixely. Overall, because I feel that we have met and strived to exceed the requirements, I believe we deserve a rating of 3.5-4 on this assignment.

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