Thursday, June 12, 2014

Independent Study: Magazine Design

• To learn about the process of creating a magazine through designing numerous spreads and constructing a fictitious, mini issue.
• To further use and expand my knowledge of Photoshop and conceptual design.

       This past semester, I pursued an independent study in magazine design as a way to continue my study of graphic design and further fulfill my passion for the field. In doing this, I underwent much experimentation and greatly utilized my organization and planning skills. Because I went into this independent study with only a loose plan of action set (due to the fact that the process of designing a magazine was very unfamiliar to me), the task of initiating the project was the most difficult part. However, it was though the flipping through of infinite magazines for inspiration and much trial-and-error that I came to learn what worked and what didn't. For example, this involved a balanced ratio of text to images, appropriate sizing of dominant images and titles, an overall "flow" in composition, and more. Also, Casey and I chose to focus our magazine's matter mainly on fashion and beauty, as these are two of our greatest passions. Thus, aside from the primary graphic design aspect of this project, I also got to utilize my writing skills for the text pieces of the magazine. Overall, as a final product, I created a 12-page, miniature magazine encompassing a cover, a table of contents, and two full stories (with a few spreads in each). I'm very happy with the way the final product came out and, also, am very satisfied regarding the learnings I've gained throughout the past semester. All in all, this was a very valuable and worthwhile experience that I'm very glad I partook in!