Friday, January 24, 2014

“Memorable Experiences”

        Looking back on this past semester, there are many memorable experiences. To begin, the one(s) that comes to me first are our trips to VIA. Although I didn’t know what to expect going into an advertising agency for the first time, I way very pleasantly surprised. Not only was the atmosphere incredibly creative, collaborative, and artsy, but also the people were so kind, supportive, and genuine. During out first trip, we were lucky enough to get a brief tour around the building, meet various employees, and work on a fun and unique “challenge” presented to us by Teddy. Come our second visit, we were given the opportunity to present our logo designs (for the initial scenario they provided us to and our personal logos). They were so encouraging in our ideas, as well as extremely helpful in their feedback. In addition, they even bought us OTTO’s Pizza! Thus, I hope that it’s evident how amazing both of our trips to VIA were!
        Another memorable experience from this semester was pumpkin carving. This was such a fun activity, as it incorporated many elements of design as well as a fun way to celebrate Halloween as a class! Although somewhat challenging (much more that expected!) I had a blast doing this!
        Lastly, the most memorable experience of the semester for me was, in general, being part of such a tight-night, small, and collaborative class. Due to having only six people in this class, we had a unique opportunity to get to know each other better, bond, and develop great “teamwork.” Although all of us, including myself, came into this class unsure of what to expect, I feel we all gained so much more than we anticipated, including both knowledge and friendship. Overall, due to how much fun we had in this class, I will forever remember this positive experience and have “planted the seed” in my love for Graphic Design. 

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