Thursday, January 23, 2014

BBM Tennis Tournament T-Shirt

• To use creative problem-solving skills to design a t-shirt for an annual tennis tournament that raises money for the Cancer Community Center of Maine;
• To understand the importance of being involved in a real-life, authentic learning experience.

         There are many things I learned as a result of doing this project. In particular, three significant things I was able to grasp from the process of working on this assignment are: the importance of simplicity, how challenging yet essential it is to meet the client’s needs/wants/requirements, and the significance of incorporating colors tastefully and appropriately. To begin, use of simplicity was incredibly important in this assignment, as there was much information that was needed to be incorporated. Thus, in order for the design to communicate its purpose clearly and effectively, simplicity was absolutely crucial. Additionally, simplicity helps to make the design more appealing and eye-catching as a whole. Secondly, as this was my first experience actually designing for a “real world” project, I had the opportunity to work with a real client with real requisites. As a result, the importance of listening to the client and designing to their personal taste and wants (even though it may not match your taste) became clear to me. Lastly, I learned of the importance of incorporating the required colors in a tasteful, appropriate, and compatible way. This, evidently, is crucial in creating a readable and overall eye-pleasing design.

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